Health TipsHow to Tell If Polyps On Uterus Wall Are Cancerous

How to Tell If Polyps On Uterus Wall Are Cancerous – If you are concerned that you may have polyps on your uterus wall, you may want to know how to tell if they are cancerous. There are several diagnostic tests you can get, including hysterosalpingography, which involves filling the uterine cavity with saline to make it saline. These tests are effective in visualizing uterine polyps that are difficult to see with traditional ultrasound. A polyp that is too large can be removed with surgery.

Symptoms of Uterine Polyps Can Be Similar to Endometrial Cancer

While polyps can be harmless, they can interfere with fertility and cause blocked fallopian tubes or cervix. They may also block the fallopian tubes or uterus. In addition to the infertility problems that polyps can cause, they can also contribute to miscarriages. Therefore, women with uterine polyps should be aware of the signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

Treatments for uterine polyps vary. In some cases, polyps may go away on their own, but in others, they may require further treatment. Usually, polyps are removed during diagnostic procedures, but if the polyps contain cancer cells, a hysterectomy may be required. Symptoms of uterine polyps can include heavy bleeding, constipation, and difficulty peeing.

Because of the fact that they are rare, women with this condition are advised to seek treatment for the symptoms as soon as possible. If the polyps do return, treatment is more likely to be effective. The same treatment options for uterine polyps apply to fibroids as well. In rare cases, endometrial polyps can be cancerous. A doctor can advise you on the best treatment based on your condition.

The Best and Precise Diagnosis

Although the most common symptom is heavy menstrual bleeding, other indicators include bleeding after sexual intercourse, irregular periods, or infertility. Polyps on the uterus wall are best diagnosed by a physician, and there are several diagnostic tests that doctors use to determine if you have them. A hysterosalpingogram is one of the most common ones used to determine if you have polyps on your uterus.

Besides endometrial biopsy, hysteroscopy is another procedure that can diagnose polyps on the uterus wall. A doctor can use a thin telescope to view the uterus and collect samples. If they are discovered, hysteroscopy can also be combined with surgical removal of polyps. During the procedure, a biopsy is taken of the affected tissue.

Hysteroscope Reduces Risk of Damage to Surrounding Tissue

If polyps on the uterus wall are small and are not causing any symptoms, the condition may resolve on its own. If the polyps are large, however, and are causing vaginal discharge, the polyp may need to be removed by a doctor. These procedures are called hysteroscopic surgery and typically take less than an hour. A small device is inserted through a narrow opening called the hysteroscope. Unlike laparoscopy, a hysteroscope can reduce the risk of damaging surrounding tissue.

The most common diagnostic procedure for polyps on the uterus wall is a hysteroscopy. A doctor inserts a thin tube called a hysteroscope through the vagina to see what’s going on inside. A doctor can also diagnose endometrial polyps via an ultrasound. Adenomyosis can also be diagnosed through ultrasound. If a diagnosis of adenomyosis is made, the patient may undergo surgical removal of the entire uterus. In rare cases, a GnRH agonist may be used to decrease the symptoms of adenomyosis. Typically, regrowth of the polyps occurs within six months of discontinuing the GnRH agonist.


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