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Variety of Ankle Therapy Exercises – A variety of Ankle Therapy Exercises are essential to the recovery process and maintenance of your ankle’s range of motion. These exercises are easy to perform and can help you maintain your range of motion and flexibility. Ankle circles are an excellent choice to stretch the achilles tendon, as they improve balance, flexibility and strength. Try performing these exercises three to four times a week. The following are some of the most common exercises to help maintain your ankle’s range of motion.

Single Leg Balance Exercise

Single leg balance exercises involve standing on one leg while extending the other. Try to complete a set of 20 repetitions on one leg, using the other leg to support the body. If you’re unable to stand on one leg, use a pillow to support your leg as you do this exercise. Be sure to vary your movements, such as stepping sideways or jumping sideways. To make sure you’re doing this exercise safely, consult a physical therapist or physician before starting any exercise routine.

Another exercise is the towel stretch. In this exercise, you’ll stretch your ankle by pointing your toes toward the heel. Start in a sitting position with one leg bent at the knee. Then, hold both ends of a rubber band in your hands and slowly point your toes toward the heel while bringing your foot back to the original position. Aim for at least eight sets of ten flexes on each foot, and progress by increasing the duration of each set.

Once you’ve learned to bend your knee, you can gradually increase weight bearing on the injured ankle. Initially, you may need to limit weight bearing until you’ve fully recovered. During the healing process, physical therapy can help guide you through increasing weight bearing on the injured ankle. This exercise should be repeated for about 15 to 20 times before your physical therapist gives you the green light. You may also need to change the weight bearing position after a physical therapist has cleared you for weight-bearing.

Essential Ankle Therapy Exercises for Recovery

Ankle therapy exercises are essential for the recovery process of your ankle. A daily regimen of stretching exercises can help you heal faster and avoid the onset of a serious injury. For a few minutes daily, you can try these exercises once or twice a day. Then, you can gradually add to the intensity of your therapy sessions. The goal should be to achieve moderate stretch and no pain. You can even start doing these exercises on the injured side and work your way up to a full set of 20 to 30 repetitions per day.

Before beginning any exercise program, consult your doctor for an assessment. Ankle injuries often require bracing or taping, which may be necessary for some patients. In more severe cases, however, specific exercises can help restore stability and function to the ankle. You should complete the exercises in order to achieve maximum benefit. Ankle therapy exercises will help you improve balance, strength, endurance, and agility and help you to prevent further injuries. You should consult a physical therapist to begin your program.

The Best Way to Improve Ankle Mobility

Another exercise you should try is the heel raise. This can be performed sitting down or standing, and is an excellent way to increase ankle mobility. It should be performed three times per day. You can use a chair to help balance yourself. If you have difficulty doing this exercise, pretend to write the alphabet with your foot. Then slowly lean into the wall until your ankle is completely straight. If the pain persists, try closing your eyes and try to perform the exercise three times a day.

Another simple but effective Ankle Therapy Exercise is the towel stretch. To perform this stretch, sit with your leg straight in front of you. Pull the towel toward your foot. Hold the position for 15 to 30 seconds, then repeat the process two to four times. If you have moderate or severe ankle sprain, it may be too painful to stretch your toes all the way. Always follow your pain threshold to determine how far you can stretch the injured ankle.


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