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How to Treat Flexor Tendons Hand Injuries – When a patient suffers an injury to the flexor tendons of the hand, they should seek immediate medical treatment. Because the flexors are close to the blood vessels and nerves of the finger, a serious injury to the flexor tendon can lead to numbness or even loss of the finger. Therefore, it is important to see a physician right away to ensure that no permanent damage has occurred to the tendons.

Injury to the Flexor Tendon Causes Swelling and Pain

An injury to a flexor tendon can be extremely painful. This type of injury occurs in the hands and arms and is often associated with sports injuries. The most common is the jersey finger, which occurs when the injured finger is caught on a jersey. A torn tendon can be severely damaging and cause swelling and pain. While the symptoms may not be immediately obvious, the condition will improve over time. In some cases, the injured digit can bend backward or have the tendon completely ripped off.

There are several ways to treat flexor tendon injuries. A hand therapist can provide hands-on therapy for patients. A physical examination, discussion of the patient’s medical history, and x-rays can help diagnose the exact type of injury. A surgeon will usually perform surgery to repair a torn or cut tendon. A protective splint is used to help the healing process. Once the surgery is completed, the patient will undergo hand therapy to improve the mobility of the affected finger.

A doctor can guide patients through the recovery process. The University of Michigan hand surgeons have dual appointments in Orthopaedic and Plastic Surgery with a fellowship in Hand. The surgeon will treat a patient in the Orthopaedic Clinic, the Plastic Surgery Clinic, and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation departments. The Comprehensive Center also provides contact information for nonsurgical care teams. This allows patients to decide the best treatment for their particular situation.

Recovery Process for Flexor Tendons

The recovery process for a flexor tendon is very slow. It takes three to four months for a flexor tendon to heal fully. Once the tendons have healed, patients will require hand therapy to improve their hand’s function. In addition to using a splint, the patient must follow up with regular therapy. A post-operative brace will help reduce tension on the flexor tendons.

In a minor case of flexor tendon injury, the first step will be surgical intervention. A patient may undergo surgery as a result of an injury or a sprain. It can take three to four months to heal the flexor tendon before the hand is fully functional. In general, a flexor tendon operation requires a surgical procedure that will allow the tendon to heal completely.

There are two kinds of treatment for flexor tendon injuries. Some are done in a clinic. In the home, the patient can do these exercises themselves. Although these exercises can’t replace physical therapy, they are a good way to relieve pain and stiffness. Some people opt to have surgery to relieve pain. The treatment can be done with minimal risk, but it is necessary to consult a doctor to ensure that the patient has a full range of motion.

Surgery Is The Most Common Treatment for Flexor Tendon Injury

The injury to the flexor tendon can be treated with nonsurgical treatments or with surgical treatment. The most common treatment for flexor tendon injury is surgical. A patient can perform the exercises at home under the supervision of a doctor. However, a home flexor tendon injury is a severe injury that can result in permanent damage to the tendon. It is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible after the injury.

After the flexor tendon injury, a patient can choose between nonsurgical and surgical treatment. In the former case, surgery is the only option. In the latter case, the patient will need to wear a protective splint for six to eight weeks. The splint is removed only when the patient is performing the prescribed exercises. The aim of these exercises is to gradually regain motion and function in the flexor tendons.

A patient can undergo flexor tendon surgery to correct the injury. It is a common treatment for flexor tendon injury. It is a surgical procedure to repair damaged tendons. In the latter case, a patient will have to undergo a rehabilitation process. The patient is usually required to continue working on the hand for a period of four to six months after surgery. This recovery period is dependent on the severity of the injury.


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