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Healthy Foods For Beautiful Skin – When it comes to skin health, we must pay attention to what we eat. A healthy diet can contribute to beautiful, clear, and glowing skin.

Add Antioxidant-Rich Foods and Healthy Fats

Adding foods rich in antioxidants and healthy fats can help reduce aging signs. Some of these include nuts, seeds (flaxseed, sunflower seed, chia seed), and fish and fish oil. We all have heard the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” But did you know that apples also keep blemishes and dark spots at bay? Loaded with Vitamin A, B complex, and Vitamin C, minerals and antioxidants, apples boost immunity, neutralize irritable bowel syndrome, help in weight loss, detoxify the liver, avert hemorrhoids, improve digestion, and promote whiter teeth.

The high water content in apples hydrates the skin and is also effective in removing excess oil. Try applying slices of apples on your eye area to reduce dark circles and puffiness. Juicy red strawberries are a favorite fruit to be consumed in various forms including smoothies, ice cream or as a snack. They are loaded with Vitamin C, which is a natural antioxidant that boosts collagen and reduces fine lines on the face.

They also have ellagic acid which acts as a natural skin lightener and helps in reducing dark spots and blemishes. You can make a lightening facial mask by blending mashed strawberries with milk and honey. Apply it on the face and wash it off after 20 minutes. Studies show that avocados are full of healthy fats that are great for your skin. In fact, one study found that women who ate 1 avocado per day had increased facial skin elasticity and firmness over 8 weeks. Avocado contains monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats which help moisturize your skin. It also contains lutein and zeaxanthin which protect your skin from sun damage.

Increases Collagen Production for Healthy Plump Skin

Another benefit of avocado is that it has occlusive properties which means it can trap humectants and emollients on the surface of your skin to keep it soft and supple. It also contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E which are antioxidants that help prevent aging and wrinkles. Cherries are packed with Vitamin C, which boosts collagen production for plump, healthy skin. They also help protect the skin from sun damage, thanks to their antioxidants.

They’re a great remedy for psoriasis, as the nutrients can help reduce the redness, inflammation and flakiness associated with the condition. Try consuming them regularly or apply a face mask containing cherry extract to your skin for a brighter complexion. Cherry extract is suitable for most skin types, and it’s a great ingredient to look out for in skincare products. A serum containing the fruity ingredient can benefit dry skin and those with dullness, while a heavier cream infused with cherries is ideal for oily complexions.

Tomatoes are a kitchen staple that is now making its way into beauty recipes because of the nutrient powerhouse they contain. From reducing open pores and combating excess greasiness to enlivening a dull complexion this bright red superfood is a real skin-care hero. Tomatoes have vitamin B complexes that combat early signs of ageing, like fine lines, spots, and dryness. Make a mask with tomato and sea salt or natural clay for a deep cleanse that also exfoliates and renews skin. Rinse well.

Skin Care that Helps Treat Black Spots

Adding blueberries to your diet and using skincare products that contain this superfood can help with dark spots, dry skin, and wrinkles. They also can boost collagen production, fight AGEs, and heal your skin’s moisture barrier. The ellagic acid in this fruit helps lighten the complexion and erase blemishes. It also strengthens fragile capillaries in the skin, helping fade dark circles and a purple tint under the eyes.

You can eat blueberries raw or make a mask by mixing crushed blueberries with yogurt and Manuka honey. Apply it to the face and leave on for 20 minutes for a healthy glow. Dark chocolate (cacao) is an excellent skin nourisher and has wonderful stress-relieving properties. It reduces elevated levels of stress hormones, which in turn reduces the breakdown of collagen, thus helping to prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming.

Cocoa also has a natural sun protection factor that helps protect against harmful UV rays. This is due to flavonoids that help reflect and absorb the UV rays, thereby protecting the skin from conditions like sunburn and premature skin discoloration. You can make a simple body mask with cocoa powder, green clay and Multani mitti and apply it on your face and neck for glowing skin!

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