Health & Beauty Guest Post – is a health blog that provides information on medical facts to help readers live a better lifestyle. We tend to provide the best content to those who seek healthy lifestyle guidance online. And now, our website will accept those who wish to write for us about health & beauty topics.

Therefore, if you’re searching for a guest post publishing, we’re ready to accept your work. Simply submit some articles relating to the health niche or content categories under beauty topics through our contact email or the form below. We are looking for a long-term author who can contribute continuously to our site. However, please understand first our guidelines and procedure when you want to write health & beauty guest posts here.

Procedure to Write Guest Post Here

We’re finally open guest posts. For information, not every submission would be accepted here. Only high-quality content under our coverage categories and according to our standards will post here. Before going to our topic coverage. We would like to let you know which guidelines would be accepted here.

  1. Post must be original, unique, well written, and no copy-paste. If you’ve published it elsewhere even on your site, please don’t send it again here. We will check it through Copyscape premium.
  2. We’ll consider only links relevant and no-follow should be included in your guest post content.
  3. We’ll appreciate it if you insert media such as images, videos, or graphics into your pots. All images/videos should be licensed and have copyright. If you get them from outside resources, don’t forget to give citations.
  4. We currently would just accept and post articles of at least 500+ words with good grammar and fewer spelling errors. Furthermore, your article should be informative and trustworthy by featuring outside resources such as journals or authoritative sites to validate your arguments.
  5. Make sure to provide us with high-quality content that is well-structured, with proper headings and subheadings, a more active voice, a rich vocabulary, short phrases in each paragraph, and good keywords that are naturally adjusted in the text. It is essential to optimize your content for search engines.

We’re really selective about what content we would publish. So make sure to follow our guidelines and directions if you want to rise the possibility of your submission being accepted here.

Coverage Categories That are Accepted for Guest Posts

You can submit guest posts under the health & beauty category. We accept your submission as long as follow our guest post guidelines. And more importantly, the topic should be covered here. Here are some coverage categories we’re accepted:

  1. Health. If you have the experience to write on health care content, remedy, wellness, or healthy lifestyle, just submit your writing work here.
  2. Beauty. We are also open to beauty bloggers and writers giving us quality content about makeup tips, skincare, cosmetics, hair treatments, and many more.
  3. Diet. Another category that we love to bring to our site is about dietary. Write tips about weight loss in a healthy way, organic meals for diet, and more.
  4. Medical. If you have experience in writing medical content such as disease articles, and how to prevent or treat the symptoms, just submit your guest post here.
  5. Wellness and fitness. You can send us anything about physical exercise content, tips for yoga, fitness, gym, sleep tips, and others.

When you think you are capable and have experience in writing those kinds of content, don’t hesitate to join us and share your ideas here.

The Importance to Write Health & Beauty Guest Posts Here

We decides to create a section for health & beauty guest posts, where any bloggers and writers can submit content to post on our site. The reason we’re doing it is for developing our site, increasing traffic, and providing high-quality informative content for our readers. Regarding those reasons, here are some major advantages may you get if you decide to submit guest posts and join us.

  • Targeted Traffic to your site

Writing guest posts in blogs that provide your target audience would be beneficial for you to increase your visitors. Whether for medial social presence, your online presence, or your site traffic, publishing guest posts would help you to achieve all of those. Therefore, when you write a health & beauty guest post here, you’ll get your target audiences that would increase your site’s traffic.

  • Do-follow Backlink

Providing guest posts on popular and authoritative websites would provide quality do-follow links. However, some sites are usually not allowed to attach outbound links except your media social account or sites in the author bio. So, make sure to take every opportunity that comes your way.

  • Increase the authority

When you publish content on high-authority websites, you may get quality do-follow links that would help to increase your authority. Aside from that, by providing quality content that is valuable and informative for the host audience, you’ll be known as an expert in your industry. By that, your reputation will increase and your authority gets increase too.

  • Improve SEO Results

Contributing guest articles to other sites increases referral traffic to your own website. So it can be providing you with the advantage of a built-in target audience from the links you place whether on the content or your author bio. When traffic to your website increases, your web pages would also perform better in search engines.

  • Best Ranking Signal

Doing guest posting may help your articles get better placement in SERPs and becomes the main reference when people search for something that is related. This is because you’ll place your content on high-authority websites that are credible and trustworthy.

  • Build Networks and Relationships. 

Submitting guest posting also can help you build relationships with other bloggers and wider your networks. When you contribute content and get more interest from the host audience, you’ll get more value and the bloggers will know that you are credible. It’s become a chance to make you a regular writer on their blogs.

Guest Post Submission Procedure

Once you know writing and submitting guest posts truly help you with increasing traffic, you have to incorporate with us right away. So do not wait too long, send your writing work now. If you have another topic that is close to our niche health and beauty. Do not hesitate to send your guest post inquiry since we will check it further.

Are you interested in doing a guest post here? Send your text content including the images/videos to [email protected] or you can also use the form below.